Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Hang Over Part II

Get ready to have a taste of the Wolfpack because this time they have gone and did it again for the second time, and this time its more messed up than before. Their are all tons of funny antics and really unexpected situation that you will see in this film. As far as the first part is concern on this part two, I would say its even better than before their is of course the surprise and unexpected happening that they will encounter. to add on the chaos a new animal is in town and as you can see on top, yes its the monkey and his no ordinary monkey indeed you'll find out in the movie when you watch it. Even though the time is two and a half hour movie, you will get you're money's worth for two reason, one its a continuous scene of comedy, slice of life, and reality of after shock of a hangover genre and two you'll be begging to know what happen last night. Although I was hoping to the last part of the movie that they should made some movie clip to the troubles and disaster they did in the events they did "last night" just to make a bit of distinct difference from the part one and to the part two. Because on the part one it was only picture so to as the part two that's why it was a bit of a disappointment for my part because it was like seeing a deja vu of part one all over again. The verdict is I would say just like the part one this movie is a well balance of funny and life. It's 4.9/5 by the way for one of the chase scene that happen from this film I would like to point out they gave a new meaning to the word "Pork Chopped".

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides

As always the Pirates of Caribbean brings out the funny and adventure to its full potential. Its to bad though that the original crew on the part one never did get together only Jack, his first shipmate Gibbs, and his long and never ending rival Barbossa are the only original cast up to the part 1 are left in the 4 series of the movie Pirate of the Caribbean. Now that said we start with the review, The movie begins with the Spaniard's discovery of a man that claims found the path to were the fountain of youth is located. So as follow the new arrives in the great nation of Britain. As for Jack, a rumor suddenly emerge that he needs a crew and a ship, in which he do need but he didn't started the news about it. From there he found out that the news was being spread by his ex-girlfriend, Angelica, one circumstance lead to another Jack find himself separated from his first mate and in a ship into which he later found out belongs to Blackbeard.

The Story line for this movie is longer compared to the other Pirates of the Caribbean film, almost  3 hours with the exact time of 2hrs and 18 mins. The graphics is pretty amazing especially the way they created the mermaid. as for the sound and music they make it really lively and entertaining especially in the pub scene one of the bard using a banjo, has a nice ring to it, makes you feel the life of a pirate. So to comparison to other Pirates of the Caribbean films this one has to be one of their best. Giving this a 4.9 / 5.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Annie is a very unlucky woman it went downhill from the time she lost her bake shop and only job she had. From that time on she was so depressed she actually slept with some one she hardly knew. She has a very close friend Lillian who was about to get married, now at first she really tried so hard to help her Lillian to give the wedding of a lifetime. but unfortunately it went downhill from their because her Lillian has a new friend Hellen that she met and also trying to give her the best wedding of her life. But this two can`t really agree on anything and ending up ruining the bridal shower. At that moment since Annie is scared to lose her Lillian, it really hit her because Lillian ended up breaking up their friendship with Annie, so Annie became more depressed. But of course the story doesn't end here, along the way all kinds of trouble took place.
After all the ending has a twist. One more thing, be warn for those kids who are under aged because this movie has a lot of Significant violence, swearing and or nudity. With that said, I give this movie 3 / 5 because this film is not really the very best when it comes down to the story, but its redeeming quality is that this is very funny to watch, especially the comedy scene you will gross your heart out.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


This movie I would say one of those DC fan comic will enjoy for the reason, well its because its Thor, Thor is one of those Avenger character as we would say the only God hero in which made this movie very unique in a way to all of the Marvel hero out there he is the only one with the title of a God. With that said the film start of with the war between the two races in the universe, one is those Ice giants who seeks to conquer all realms in space and the one who seek to protect it is Thor's Father Odin. Eventually the war ended and Odin's army won the fight. But here where our story begins. The story is about Thor being the hot headed and quick tempered Prince. He always don't think first before he act. mean while His Brother Loki on the other hand is the complete opposite of Thor. This two brothers ended up fighting one another because of there differences they never agreed on anything right from the start of their lifetime. One of them decides to be vanish out of the kingdom because of this disagreement they had.

So for the film overall, it has exellent visual effect the music inturn also suit the way the whole movie is made. It gives you the feel of the sense your in a whole different world when you are watching this film. The scene for every genre that was made for this movie is equally balanced, you're bound to be entertain with the story that unfold when you watch the movie. To that the Verdict is 3.7 / 5. What lack with this film is the action scene is a bit slow over the edge because all of the battle that takes place ends a bit faster than expected.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fast Five

This is a continuation of the "Fast and Furious Saga". In this film it is not recommended for kids under age for the whole theme is not suitable for them. Its a trill cop and robbers classic theme. As well known, this movie is at best when it comes to car chases gun to gun battles and all the beautiful sports car we all love and adore like Ferrari, Honda, Ford and other vehicles. One scene that stands out though is the chase scene on the roof top. It reminds me a bit of the game Assassin's Creed the adrenaline rush of trying to catch the target, it was very accelerating. Even though for the theme is too violent its still not a bad movie, combine it with its smart planning or the twist of the story with its lowly comedic gags and very intense action part it really makes this movie come to life and very entertaining for up to the age of 18+.

Overall this movie makes to 4.5 / 5, Its about being a thief of course, doesn't give a good example for anyone who watches this movie that's why its not a perfect five. This movie is a great way to enjoy with friends, family or with someone special, because it is as I said earlier a very entertaining film.