Monday, 17 October 2011

Ides of March

This film reveal all the dirty little secret that politician have. There's also a lot of betrayal blackmail and in one case of the film someone leading to suicide. At the beginning everything was going as planed in the side of Morris (George Clooney) until Stephen (Ryan Gosley) got a call from Duffy (Paul Giamatti) giving him a deal to join their team instead of sticking with Morris. After their little conversation, Stephen panic and he told Paul (Philip Seymour Hoffman) the campaign manager in Morris side. Now this is where things got out of hand and this is where deception betrayal and hate comes to play. The movie was based the genre of politics drama, it tells the story in a politician point of view. The good and bad of what a politician do in thier past. Also last the ups and downs of entering the business. 3.1 / 5

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Its a movie that almost had a promising result, I was hoping for this movie to have a sense of a twisted plot or some kind of wired and unexpected or a climatic end. But to the fact that to no surprise to my point of view it was like watching a documentary film about to when they first discovered the epidemic S.A.R.S. or the first discovery dengue, so literary the film is just about an unknown disease to where this group of people steps in and tried to help find a vaccine or cure to fight the disease. In short its about a unknown virus that has no cure, then a group of scientist finds a cure to isolate and get rid of the virus for good. Even though they made the film categorized in the genre of drama the story is just the same to those documentary film on about to what to do to fight a unknown disease or an epidemic, so if your the type of person who watches documentaries or reads this kinds of epidemic outbreak you might find this movie a bit boring for your taste. Same as me to what I experience watching this film. There is just nothing new to see in the movie, like I said earlier its just like what you see in a documentaries film that is seen on TV, the differences is that this one is based with a story but the plot is just almost the same with some dramatic effects added to the movie to make it seem a bit sad. 2.1 / 5

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Debt

The movie was no where close to being in the drama genre for most of the time the story was more based on detective work genre, but one thing is right and its the suspense thriller for time to time there are partial scene, where a sudden laud opening of doors or sudden cut scene to someone lighting a cigar. The story starts to one of the agent Rachel Singer(Helen Mirren), who apperently her Daughter Sarah Gold (Romi Aboulafia) is publishing a book to what happen in one of Rachel assignment back the day when she was still an agent. The trouble is this one specific assignment the her daughter had publish was not all true, Thier failed Mission to target Former Gen Dieter Vogel who after the war goes by the name of Doktor Bernhardt (Jesper Christensen). Rachel and two of her other team David Peretz (Ciaran Hinds) and Stephan Gold (Tom Wilkinson) was keeping some of this lie for almost 30 years. Until one of her colleague and ex husband, Stephan ask about what David the last member of their team, to why David talk to her after one of her interview shows was done and Stephan ask. What did he told her that day? He also said to Rachel that he talk to David about what he knows but David made an extreme decision to kill himself. For Stephan point of view, it made things more complicated because he needs answer to where is there failed mission was hiding. This made Stephan to dig inside's Davids appartment and apperently he found out where Vogel is staying. So He ask Rechel the thing that should had been done 30 years ago.
The verdict of the movie, although the story line seems great what lacks is that the whole movie focuses more on the Detective aspect of the film and it lacks the excitment of what every spy movie has, and that would be the feeling of something new and not only what was alredy has seen in any James Bond or any other Spy film that has already been seen over the years. 2.7 / 5

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Nick(Jesse Eisenberg) is a very unlucky guy not only he got a very sick job of delivery boy but his girlfriend Kate(Dilshad Vadsaria) is also going away out of town for a job but also he end up being strapped in a bomb vest and he is forced to robbed a bank or he will be blown to bits by the guy who called him for pizza Dwayne(Danny McBride) with his best friend Travis(Nick Swardson). So the point in the movie if Nick don't robbed a bank he will be dead, so The ailed panicked Nick went to a elementary school where his best friend works named Chet(Aziz Ansari) For you would think he would just called but no, instead he went to go to Chet work in front of dozens of 7 year old to beg for his help. I normally say this is a very twisted movie but given the way the characters reason for doing this thing is understandable. Dwayne wants the money to kill his dad played by The Mayor(Fred Ward) so that he can have all  his inheritance from his father, well as for Nick we could say his just a victim of this winding wheel of bad luck in which happened by chance to him. Twisted plot and sick ending for you'll be really surprise for where all their troubles ended up. 3.6/ 5

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Change-Up

This Movie is about a responsible man married with three kids Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman) and a very carefree guy who has a lot of time in his hand Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynold). They are a very two different guy who have their totally different world who got switch and now have to adopt in their each other's environment and have to try and be who is the other guys life is. This movie is like the "Freaky Friday" movie, so in a sense its like a remake but with a different story line and in the end they both got switch back by solving their problems and have understand both their life is. So knowing both their lives isn't what they think to be like cloud 9 or heavenly roses as they think it to be. This is a R-rated movie so if your the type of person who can't and I mean really can't stand disgusting stuff or pron like scenes. I would recommend not to watch this film for there are a lot of them in the middle part, even in the beginning of the film. I would say its the best for Dave he just got baptise by his baby boy with poop.
The movie was great it was well made for a genre like R-rated film but to the fact that this kind of movie has been show by the passed years, with the story line like of got switch body and got changed back in the end. It felt like it was as I did mention earlier had been created before because for a comedy film like this, their isn't much twist of the story, or something new is about to happen because we all know in the end they will get their lives back. In this case their body. 2.8 / 5

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Its about this guy named Cal (Steve Carrel) who has a wife named Emily (Julianne Moore) wants to divorce him for because well, for his part Cal its complicated because he change to a sense he wasn't the man he used to be in short he came to be a lazy man. Also another reason her wife is sleeping with another man named David Lindhagen (Kevin Bacon). As for Cal the hired baby sitter for his kids Jessica (Analeigh Tipton) is in love with him and ironically Cal's son Robbie (Jonah Bobo) is in love with Jessica. In the middle of the story Cal meet a guy named Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who want to help him get his wife back. So he taught him how to pickup women, ironically one of the girl he pickup was actually his  son's English teacher named Kate(Marisa Tomei) you could say Marisa is a climax character because he was so surprised in the parent teacher conference with his wife Emily who had an awkward moment because Cal never called Kate again and got her so upset and Cal ended up to explain to Emily what happened at the time they separated which was a funny scene to watch. AS for Jacob, Cal didn't know in the past few days Jacob meet his eldest daughter Hannah (Emma Stone) who was enchanted by him but not that in a like, like way because Jacob is a playboy. Also she is thinking that one of her colleague named Richard (Josh Groban) was gonna propose to her because he is preparing for a celebration for her. But later she found out the whole celebration was just for making her a permanent lawyer in the company. So in the end she settle with her first man who approach her, Jacob. Well eventually the two became lovers. Crazy, stupid , and love, in this film theirs almost no main character for every one has a part to play and has they're own story background. In a little way makes the world much more smaller to live in for because we may not know it because the moral of the story is their might be a possibility someone you know you liked and she/he has a friend that knows you to but your other friend don't know that you know him/her. In a intimate way. Its like Steve loves Hallie, but she is in love with another man and this man is in love with another and so on... Overall this movie gets a 4.8/ 5 for this is a movie that almost has no main character. But you really want to have a main character I would say its has to be Cal for he has the one who has all the connection to everyone, kind of the main link to everyone I won't explain it more than this because explaining it will retell the whole thing all over again.

Friends with Benefits

To put in bluntly the plot seemingly almost the same with another movie, called "No String Attached."

The only difference with the two is story line is a bit different,

Friends with Benefits, its about this two young recently got dump single people who happened to be friends and at the middle of things they became sex partners who only have casual sex when they are not busy,

As for the No String Attached, its about this two complete stranger, who decides to become sex partners have casual sex when they are not busy. The difference with the two is the story in which comes to slice the uniqueness of the two.

I would give Friends with Benefits 2.9 / 5 for when it comes to the plot they are almost the same its only with the story that makes them a bit different to one another.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Horrible Bosses

Psycho, Maneater, Tool like the tittle says this is what describes their bosses of this three poor guys who are currently working for them. We have a slave driving psycho boss, A very sex craving horny 24 hours wants to have sex and foul play boss and a very lucky completely incompetent boss who only had his job due to his fathers death in a car accident. Now who would want to get the patience and keep working with this type of people for so long so the three decides to try and come up with a plan and to kill their bosses. Out comes the Hit man, but to their luck their hit man was just an con artist but actually a so called murder consultant who is also someone else entirely. With this mayham and trouble you won't be able to expect what will come next as there are a lot of disgustingly funny and very entertating trouble cause by this three poor gentlemen who just wanted to have a normal boss for a change. Because of all the mess they created and all of the entertaining trouble they make its can't be help but to make this movie one of the best of show in 2011, 4.8 / 5


Imagine a world where animals can talk, well in this film they do talk and literary. In this comedy and troubles is what this movie is. Griffin he is a a man who can't really get to say the girl he likes to say yes in his proposal for marriage. So the trouble starts when Griffin saw one of the Lion talk to him because as a thank you for saving his wife, he propose to help him in his girlfriend troubles. The first plan was just to let Griffin be the hero and save his girlfriend from the lion in which the animals planned without talking. but the Lion got irritated for being so slow he yelled at his and Griffin ran off scared. This where the story begin to fold for Griffin and the animals had this bond which he tried to maintain along having his girlfriend back. but of course theirs a twist right to the end of the movie.

With all the tricks that they made to make the animals look to talk not only in the posture but with the mouth was just amazingly put out. The story is not that complex I think a 6 year old might be able to enjoy and like this movie as much as an adult. Overall the Zookeeper is not that bad but its not that great also its somewhere in the middle. 3.4/ 5

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

In this second edition of Pixars latest movie cars 2 is more focus on Mater not Lighting McQueen. The old fashion of Mater fooling around and being clumsy is is quiet funny, and because of this behavior he was mistaken for a spy by a agent that works for London Finn McMissile and Japan Holly Shiftwell. It all started when a American spy was being tracked down and have killed but was able to give Mater something important in which the whole thing started without knowing for the agent Holly, and fin that Mater isn't really a spy. The Irony is most of the time because of his clumsiness what save him on most cases he gets in trouble with Finns work. But for some parts of the scene shown in the film, I would say its not very appropriate for kids not everyone can watch and understand this because in some cases there are scene or part of the movie involve some dieing, being killed or left in injury, this is a big red flag for kids because its not really recommended for children 3+. Even if they say that they are just cars in this world or Cars 2, the cars are the humans.

The genre is for kids and up but because of not follow on what is rightfully appropriate for kids this left to a change in genre in supposed to be for all, became children 10+. This movie I would say with every good thing that came, there is also the bad thing that is to follow. 2.9 / 5

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mr Popper's Penguins

This children book came to becoming a movie really did turn out well its about a boy who only sees his dad a few times in a year sometimes he don't see him at all so thirty years have pass, so he became a salesman and has this odd behavior not to show what he truly feels in the client he is assigned to. He make deals to buy their property building and make something new out of it. He is a divorced man who has two Kids,

Then one day his father sent a will to him from his lawyer saying his dad is giving him a parting gift, the surprise is this gift is live penguins, so this is were the story start with the troubles and antics the penguin cause is really entertaining. The film is based  on a troubled dad who is looking a way to have his kids like him as any father will do in the real world. The essence of a family feel of the film really bring this movie to life and together. 4.7 / 5

Green Lantern (2011)

This movie is almost based to the comics itself only a few is originally plotted on the film which is good and all but what this film lacks all in all is the very essence of any action film there is, and its the fight scene. From the film its limit to a few scene most of the film is based in really great animation, love scene and some of Green Lantern history. As for the part two of the movie because of Senestro's curiosity he harness the power of the Yellow core so there might be a change to the part two there might be a war between the Green and Yellow core.

The Verdict is as follows, For the whole movie the film really does as I said earlier lacks action scene, mostly the entire film is based upon dialogs, animation and some love scene. This is good way to put some trill but the enjoyment for an hoping to have an epic ending is out of the question. 3.1 / 5

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Super 8

This movie of suspense, young love, mystery, drama, science fiction and military genre is what I call unique. Its about this group of kids who is trying to make a movie about zombies which they are trying to enter in there local town competition. To a surprise they got wrapped up into a problem in where they didn't meant to be involve. They accidentally saw something into which the military is trying to cover up in secrecy and now this "thing" as I would name it, is just trying to get a way home. But the military is presuming its a dangerous "thing" and also on the loose and must be terminated. At first they want to experiment on the thing but when it got out of proportion they decide to try and kill it instead. When you see the movie as a whole its very interesting, my favorite part is when the group of this young film maker got arrested by the military, the "thing" cough them by surprise in the bus they were on to were their way back to the military base. It was a suspense a little bit of blood and mystery all pack in this one scene. As for the tittle goes I think its about the video they use. Also its 8 milimeter lens. Because in the end credit lines they showed a mini clip that lasted around 12 to 15 mins. For the verdict Even though its very entertaining I would say the ending wasn't so epic as anyone would expect with a suspense genre but there is still a drama part in which the whole movie is focusing on 3.1 / 5. Also this movie isn't about the "Super 8 Motel" that exist in the real world.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

X-Men First Class

At first glance, we all know this will have an ending with a tragic or plenty of  horrible deaths. But thus so far as I watch the trailer and movie itself, it turns out to be a very decent and best far of the X-men Saga. This movie tells to the very first time on how did the humans came to discover the very existence of the mutants and the very first proto type of the huge Jet that the X-men use through out the movie series. Also some of the old gadget that the X-Men use through out the X-men movie series one of which is the cerebro. For my experience and seen in the film its filled with comedy, drama and action.especially at the very end it was amazing on how Magneto save the whole team from getting killed. Now the big question is, will this have a part two for the ending was still not clear on how will Magneto going to infuse a war against the humans and to how will Xavier expand the school and connecting this movie to the very first X-men movie last summer, July 13th of the year 2000. Overall its a movie that will tell everything to how the X-men began, and the Magneto's Faction and Xavier's school came to the way they are, and why did they have their beliefs of hating or coexisting with the humans. 4.5 / 5

Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Hang Over Part II

Get ready to have a taste of the Wolfpack because this time they have gone and did it again for the second time, and this time its more messed up than before. Their are all tons of funny antics and really unexpected situation that you will see in this film. As far as the first part is concern on this part two, I would say its even better than before their is of course the surprise and unexpected happening that they will encounter. to add on the chaos a new animal is in town and as you can see on top, yes its the monkey and his no ordinary monkey indeed you'll find out in the movie when you watch it. Even though the time is two and a half hour movie, you will get you're money's worth for two reason, one its a continuous scene of comedy, slice of life, and reality of after shock of a hangover genre and two you'll be begging to know what happen last night. Although I was hoping to the last part of the movie that they should made some movie clip to the troubles and disaster they did in the events they did "last night" just to make a bit of distinct difference from the part one and to the part two. Because on the part one it was only picture so to as the part two that's why it was a bit of a disappointment for my part because it was like seeing a deja vu of part one all over again. The verdict is I would say just like the part one this movie is a well balance of funny and life. It's 4.9/5 by the way for one of the chase scene that happen from this film I would like to point out they gave a new meaning to the word "Pork Chopped".

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides

As always the Pirates of Caribbean brings out the funny and adventure to its full potential. Its to bad though that the original crew on the part one never did get together only Jack, his first shipmate Gibbs, and his long and never ending rival Barbossa are the only original cast up to the part 1 are left in the 4 series of the movie Pirate of the Caribbean. Now that said we start with the review, The movie begins with the Spaniard's discovery of a man that claims found the path to were the fountain of youth is located. So as follow the new arrives in the great nation of Britain. As for Jack, a rumor suddenly emerge that he needs a crew and a ship, in which he do need but he didn't started the news about it. From there he found out that the news was being spread by his ex-girlfriend, Angelica, one circumstance lead to another Jack find himself separated from his first mate and in a ship into which he later found out belongs to Blackbeard.

The Story line for this movie is longer compared to the other Pirates of the Caribbean film, almost  3 hours with the exact time of 2hrs and 18 mins. The graphics is pretty amazing especially the way they created the mermaid. as for the sound and music they make it really lively and entertaining especially in the pub scene one of the bard using a banjo, has a nice ring to it, makes you feel the life of a pirate. So to comparison to other Pirates of the Caribbean films this one has to be one of their best. Giving this a 4.9 / 5.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Annie is a very unlucky woman it went downhill from the time she lost her bake shop and only job she had. From that time on she was so depressed she actually slept with some one she hardly knew. She has a very close friend Lillian who was about to get married, now at first she really tried so hard to help her Lillian to give the wedding of a lifetime. but unfortunately it went downhill from their because her Lillian has a new friend Hellen that she met and also trying to give her the best wedding of her life. But this two can`t really agree on anything and ending up ruining the bridal shower. At that moment since Annie is scared to lose her Lillian, it really hit her because Lillian ended up breaking up their friendship with Annie, so Annie became more depressed. But of course the story doesn't end here, along the way all kinds of trouble took place.
After all the ending has a twist. One more thing, be warn for those kids who are under aged because this movie has a lot of Significant violence, swearing and or nudity. With that said, I give this movie 3 / 5 because this film is not really the very best when it comes down to the story, but its redeeming quality is that this is very funny to watch, especially the comedy scene you will gross your heart out.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


This movie I would say one of those DC fan comic will enjoy for the reason, well its because its Thor, Thor is one of those Avenger character as we would say the only God hero in which made this movie very unique in a way to all of the Marvel hero out there he is the only one with the title of a God. With that said the film start of with the war between the two races in the universe, one is those Ice giants who seeks to conquer all realms in space and the one who seek to protect it is Thor's Father Odin. Eventually the war ended and Odin's army won the fight. But here where our story begins. The story is about Thor being the hot headed and quick tempered Prince. He always don't think first before he act. mean while His Brother Loki on the other hand is the complete opposite of Thor. This two brothers ended up fighting one another because of there differences they never agreed on anything right from the start of their lifetime. One of them decides to be vanish out of the kingdom because of this disagreement they had.

So for the film overall, it has exellent visual effect the music inturn also suit the way the whole movie is made. It gives you the feel of the sense your in a whole different world when you are watching this film. The scene for every genre that was made for this movie is equally balanced, you're bound to be entertain with the story that unfold when you watch the movie. To that the Verdict is 3.7 / 5. What lack with this film is the action scene is a bit slow over the edge because all of the battle that takes place ends a bit faster than expected.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fast Five

This is a continuation of the "Fast and Furious Saga". In this film it is not recommended for kids under age for the whole theme is not suitable for them. Its a trill cop and robbers classic theme. As well known, this movie is at best when it comes to car chases gun to gun battles and all the beautiful sports car we all love and adore like Ferrari, Honda, Ford and other vehicles. One scene that stands out though is the chase scene on the roof top. It reminds me a bit of the game Assassin's Creed the adrenaline rush of trying to catch the target, it was very accelerating. Even though for the theme is too violent its still not a bad movie, combine it with its smart planning or the twist of the story with its lowly comedic gags and very intense action part it really makes this movie come to life and very entertaining for up to the age of 18+.

Overall this movie makes to 4.5 / 5, Its about being a thief of course, doesn't give a good example for anyone who watches this movie that's why its not a perfect five. This movie is a great way to enjoy with friends, family or with someone special, because it is as I said earlier a very entertaining film.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Rio is about this one particular baby blue macaw who was learning  courageously how to fly but was snatched by poachers. During his trip to a pet store in Minnesota by a stroke of luck his cage fell off the truck leaving him on a side of the road on the snowy street. He was found by Linda who named him "Blu" and became his best and only friend. They grew up together as companions, always together,  going to parties or any events in Linda's school. Due to the fact that he was being pampered up to his adulthood he never learned to fly. The story begins when a peculiar ornithologist (Julio) who went all the way to Minnesota to examine Blu and informed Linda that he was the last of his kind. He wanted Blu to mate with the only female bird of the same species named Jewel but she was in Rio de Jainero, Brazil. He offered to take Blu and Linda back to Brazil to save his species but Linda refused. She, however, changed her mind and went to Rio. Blu was introduced to Jewel who was trying to escape. She didn't know Blu so things got complicated in during her attempt to escape from captivity. The first time she saw Blu she tried to clobber him to death. Things even got worst, when they were snatched by another group of poachers who tried to sell them in the black market. They were chained together and eventually escaped. Since Blu can't fly and Jewel did not know this she tried to escape by flying and it turned into a disaster. The story becomes interesting with their escape where they meet new friends and allies and their encounter with a number of villains in the form of a pet cockatoo of the poachers and his cohorts of monkeys.  The chase takes them all over Rio and to the famous carnival. 

Overall the movie is very entertaining and will definitely be enjoyed by all age groups young and old. If you love Samba you will also enjoy some of the songs sang by the cast themselves. The film is a mix of adventure, thrills, romance, musical and comedy.  There were a number of very funny scenes that will surely make you laugh.  The gags of the film were also exceptionally good, especially the glider scene it was brilliantly made. The verdict is 4.5 out 5.0 the music, the story and the 3D animation contributed to making this movie come to life.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


This is a movie that has a mix of suspense, drama, action with a slight cultural ingredient. The story is about some government experiment to create genetically engineered soldiers through the use of unborn children and Hanna was the only successful candidate.

Unfortunately the experiment was terminated and all of the babies were ordered to be terminated by the lead researcher, Marissa. Erick (one of the CIA recruiters) disagreed with the decision and rescued one of the babies. Marissa was able to terminate all of the babies except for Hanna who escaped with the help of Erick.  Unfortunately, the mother of Hanna was assassinated during the escape.  Erick knew Hanna will be in danger so he trained her to be an assassin and he train her well becoming a fearless assassin. Another advantage of Hanna is her genetically engineered DNA which gives her a well tuned hearing capability, more agility, stronger muscles, quick reflexes and all of the characteristics of an elite soldier. One thing though Hanna did not know this, which is the twist of the story.  During Hanna's travel she met a girl named, Sophie who became her friend and Hanna got to see the other aspect of life which she never experienced and that is being a teenager.

Overall the movie is good and I would give it a three out of five stars. It has the elements of a typical scary scenes you expect in any suspense thriller. One aspect of the movie I do not like is the cinematography when the camera man goes on foot and the scene follows the actor while running. This always gives me a headache and makes me nauseous.  I am not really sure why Hollywood started using this technique of cinematography to create actual actions, it is not creative and makes the audience dizzy. Another thing that is disappointing is the ending for it makes you feel something is missing and leaves you with some unanswered questions.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


The movie Arthur is a re-make of the original of the same title  released in 1981. I see it as a well polished and new edition with a very formidable cast as well. The original theme of money versus love is still central in this updated version. What makes the new version of Arthur so unique and stand out is the new stuff they added one of which is the magnetic bed, the new vehicles they added like the De Lorean (Back-to-the-Future auto), the Bat Mobile and of course the opulent classic vehicle Rolls-Royce, a carry forward from the old version. In the new version of Arthur the comedy is more livelier and complex. Unlike the old version, the comedy were mere one liners. The change and remake gives this new Arthur film more life and very entertaining to watch. In the old version Arthur witnessed the love of his life, Linda, stealing a tie and she almost got arrested but Arthur came and rescued her with a kiss. In the present version they changed her name to Naomi. The encounter of Arthur with Naomi to me seems more funnier and had more action because of the police chase and the alibi he gave for Naomi's apparent illegal tour of NY but also ended up with a kiss.Given the fact that they change the butler into a nanny, was a bold decision, to me the butler was a major roll in the impact to Arthur's life. But since Helen played the roll of nanny perfectly it really still made the movie better. As far as Arthur's father and grandmother is concern, they made them into one persona in the present Arther (2011)  they made them as his mom. I believe the reason why they made those two character into one persona just so to the fact that this two can be played by one character. so in the end they ended up not including Arthur's grandmother. Last but not least is the other character Susan compare the two in the old Arthur Susan was played in a supporting cast not much rolls for her she only appeared by the half of the movie, as for the present Arthur Susan played a more bigger roll you can say she became a semi antagonist and half supporting cast.

 Overall the Arthur of the 1981 and 2011 didn't change as epic as you would think, As far the movie goes its still a nice film to watch even though you know the story from the original. For the final verdict is three out of  five stars.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Source Code

The great thing about Source Code is it plays with the concept of time and give a whole new perspective to what reality is. This sci-fi movie is a great movie to watch because the combined beautifully made visual effects with a mixture of three dimensional camera panning makes this movie comes to life. The question of who planted the bomb was the whole theme of the story. What is amazing is the very end when you expect the protagonist to die but something else happens and this is where the bending of time takes place. The ending will just blow your mind away since you will not expect for "that" to happen in the end scene. This movie is one of my must watch list, for the movie as a whole was just simply amazing.

Overall: I will rate this a four point five out of five.The theme of the film is not new since time travel has been the subject of older movies.  The only difference is that the movie uses computer software as the medium for time travel.  If you like sci-fi this is a good and entertaining movie to watch.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sucker Punch

This movie has scenes taken from Japanese samurai films and World War I battles with a sacrificial end.  It starts with the tragic murder of the mother of Baby Doll (the heroine of the movie), by a very greedy step father seeking to get his hands on his wife's wealth. But he realized that the will of his deceased wife left everything to her two daughters. This enraged the step father and this is where that story has a tragic twist. His intention to kill his two step daughters became apparent to Baby Doll and she protected her little sister.  Unfortunately her younger sister wasn't very lucky and was accidentally killed during the struggle. Baby Doll was framed for the killing and was sent to a mental institution (insane asylum). As for the movie the story is complex since there are a number of genres in the film, like musical, samurai sword play, battle scenes, human trafficking and other tragedies. The plot of the film was for Baby Doll to escape from the institution. The escape was both physical and psychological since the plan transpired in Baby Doll's imaginative world with a parallel occurrence in the real world whenever Baby Doll danced.  As for the ending its quite unexpected because you'll be surprised to find out who got out safely and who did not.

All in all this movie is worth of three point five out of five. I gave it this rating because the theme for the whole movie is a typical Japanese samurai with western rich family tragedy, its not a bad thing but the theme is not new to the movies.  The successful intertwining of different genres makes the film very interesting and the cinematography was very creative, although much of which are computer generated.  I still give this one of my "must watch" for the month because the whole music, graphics, and story really comes together and it makes you want to watch it again.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

For those who have seen this movie don't read this anymore.

"Faster" is about a man who is out for vengeance. The hero of the movie named the Driver (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) is seeking to avenge the murder of his brother. In the movie you will enjoy action packed gun shoot-outs and some thrilling car chases. Although it is not as thrilling as the first "The Fast and The Furious" but it is good enough.  The story line seems like a usual "whodunit" movie but in this case the question is "Who set them up?"  The ending has a twist but not very surprising.  It is something you may guess as you watch it.  I will give this movie a rating of three stars out of five.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


This movie is one of Bradley's best ever yet.  I love the way he played his character, its bloody amazing. His transformation from being a dead beat writer to someone who matters in society was enjoyable to watch. He nailed that character well.  The story line was very imaginative. I especially liked the camera panning on some scenes. The movie theme combines sci-fi and action genre. The ending was also thrilling and you would think that the hero will fall prey to those in power but he outwitted his one time mentor.  I'm recommending this movie as a must see. I would rate this movie as a four star out of five.

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