Monday, 17 October 2011

Ides of March

This film reveal all the dirty little secret that politician have. There's also a lot of betrayal blackmail and in one case of the film someone leading to suicide. At the beginning everything was going as planed in the side of Morris (George Clooney) until Stephen (Ryan Gosley) got a call from Duffy (Paul Giamatti) giving him a deal to join their team instead of sticking with Morris. After their little conversation, Stephen panic and he told Paul (Philip Seymour Hoffman) the campaign manager in Morris side. Now this is where things got out of hand and this is where deception betrayal and hate comes to play. The movie was based the genre of politics drama, it tells the story in a politician point of view. The good and bad of what a politician do in thier past. Also last the ups and downs of entering the business. 3.1 / 5

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Its a movie that almost had a promising result, I was hoping for this movie to have a sense of a twisted plot or some kind of wired and unexpected or a climatic end. But to the fact that to no surprise to my point of view it was like watching a documentary film about to when they first discovered the epidemic S.A.R.S. or the first discovery dengue, so literary the film is just about an unknown disease to where this group of people steps in and tried to help find a vaccine or cure to fight the disease. In short its about a unknown virus that has no cure, then a group of scientist finds a cure to isolate and get rid of the virus for good. Even though they made the film categorized in the genre of drama the story is just the same to those documentary film on about to what to do to fight a unknown disease or an epidemic, so if your the type of person who watches documentaries or reads this kinds of epidemic outbreak you might find this movie a bit boring for your taste. Same as me to what I experience watching this film. There is just nothing new to see in the movie, like I said earlier its just like what you see in a documentaries film that is seen on TV, the differences is that this one is based with a story but the plot is just almost the same with some dramatic effects added to the movie to make it seem a bit sad. 2.1 / 5

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Debt

The movie was no where close to being in the drama genre for most of the time the story was more based on detective work genre, but one thing is right and its the suspense thriller for time to time there are partial scene, where a sudden laud opening of doors or sudden cut scene to someone lighting a cigar. The story starts to one of the agent Rachel Singer(Helen Mirren), who apperently her Daughter Sarah Gold (Romi Aboulafia) is publishing a book to what happen in one of Rachel assignment back the day when she was still an agent. The trouble is this one specific assignment the her daughter had publish was not all true, Thier failed Mission to target Former Gen Dieter Vogel who after the war goes by the name of Doktor Bernhardt (Jesper Christensen). Rachel and two of her other team David Peretz (Ciaran Hinds) and Stephan Gold (Tom Wilkinson) was keeping some of this lie for almost 30 years. Until one of her colleague and ex husband, Stephan ask about what David the last member of their team, to why David talk to her after one of her interview shows was done and Stephan ask. What did he told her that day? He also said to Rachel that he talk to David about what he knows but David made an extreme decision to kill himself. For Stephan point of view, it made things more complicated because he needs answer to where is there failed mission was hiding. This made Stephan to dig inside's Davids appartment and apperently he found out where Vogel is staying. So He ask Rechel the thing that should had been done 30 years ago.
The verdict of the movie, although the story line seems great what lacks is that the whole movie focuses more on the Detective aspect of the film and it lacks the excitment of what every spy movie has, and that would be the feeling of something new and not only what was alredy has seen in any James Bond or any other Spy film that has already been seen over the years. 2.7 / 5

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Nick(Jesse Eisenberg) is a very unlucky guy not only he got a very sick job of delivery boy but his girlfriend Kate(Dilshad Vadsaria) is also going away out of town for a job but also he end up being strapped in a bomb vest and he is forced to robbed a bank or he will be blown to bits by the guy who called him for pizza Dwayne(Danny McBride) with his best friend Travis(Nick Swardson). So the point in the movie if Nick don't robbed a bank he will be dead, so The ailed panicked Nick went to a elementary school where his best friend works named Chet(Aziz Ansari) For you would think he would just called but no, instead he went to go to Chet work in front of dozens of 7 year old to beg for his help. I normally say this is a very twisted movie but given the way the characters reason for doing this thing is understandable. Dwayne wants the money to kill his dad played by The Mayor(Fred Ward) so that he can have all  his inheritance from his father, well as for Nick we could say his just a victim of this winding wheel of bad luck in which happened by chance to him. Twisted plot and sick ending for you'll be really surprise for where all their troubles ended up. 3.6/ 5

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Change-Up

This Movie is about a responsible man married with three kids Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman) and a very carefree guy who has a lot of time in his hand Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynold). They are a very two different guy who have their totally different world who got switch and now have to adopt in their each other's environment and have to try and be who is the other guys life is. This movie is like the "Freaky Friday" movie, so in a sense its like a remake but with a different story line and in the end they both got switch back by solving their problems and have understand both their life is. So knowing both their lives isn't what they think to be like cloud 9 or heavenly roses as they think it to be. This is a R-rated movie so if your the type of person who can't and I mean really can't stand disgusting stuff or pron like scenes. I would recommend not to watch this film for there are a lot of them in the middle part, even in the beginning of the film. I would say its the best for Dave he just got baptise by his baby boy with poop.
The movie was great it was well made for a genre like R-rated film but to the fact that this kind of movie has been show by the passed years, with the story line like of got switch body and got changed back in the end. It felt like it was as I did mention earlier had been created before because for a comedy film like this, their isn't much twist of the story, or something new is about to happen because we all know in the end they will get their lives back. In this case their body. 2.8 / 5

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Its about this guy named Cal (Steve Carrel) who has a wife named Emily (Julianne Moore) wants to divorce him for because well, for his part Cal its complicated because he change to a sense he wasn't the man he used to be in short he came to be a lazy man. Also another reason her wife is sleeping with another man named David Lindhagen (Kevin Bacon). As for Cal the hired baby sitter for his kids Jessica (Analeigh Tipton) is in love with him and ironically Cal's son Robbie (Jonah Bobo) is in love with Jessica. In the middle of the story Cal meet a guy named Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who want to help him get his wife back. So he taught him how to pickup women, ironically one of the girl he pickup was actually his  son's English teacher named Kate(Marisa Tomei) you could say Marisa is a climax character because he was so surprised in the parent teacher conference with his wife Emily who had an awkward moment because Cal never called Kate again and got her so upset and Cal ended up to explain to Emily what happened at the time they separated which was a funny scene to watch. AS for Jacob, Cal didn't know in the past few days Jacob meet his eldest daughter Hannah (Emma Stone) who was enchanted by him but not that in a like, like way because Jacob is a playboy. Also she is thinking that one of her colleague named Richard (Josh Groban) was gonna propose to her because he is preparing for a celebration for her. But later she found out the whole celebration was just for making her a permanent lawyer in the company. So in the end she settle with her first man who approach her, Jacob. Well eventually the two became lovers. Crazy, stupid , and love, in this film theirs almost no main character for every one has a part to play and has they're own story background. In a little way makes the world much more smaller to live in for because we may not know it because the moral of the story is their might be a possibility someone you know you liked and she/he has a friend that knows you to but your other friend don't know that you know him/her. In a intimate way. Its like Steve loves Hallie, but she is in love with another man and this man is in love with another and so on... Overall this movie gets a 4.8/ 5 for this is a movie that almost has no main character. But you really want to have a main character I would say its has to be Cal for he has the one who has all the connection to everyone, kind of the main link to everyone I won't explain it more than this because explaining it will retell the whole thing all over again.

Friends with Benefits

To put in bluntly the plot seemingly almost the same with another movie, called "No String Attached."

The only difference with the two is story line is a bit different,

Friends with Benefits, its about this two young recently got dump single people who happened to be friends and at the middle of things they became sex partners who only have casual sex when they are not busy,

As for the No String Attached, its about this two complete stranger, who decides to become sex partners have casual sex when they are not busy. The difference with the two is the story in which comes to slice the uniqueness of the two.

I would give Friends with Benefits 2.9 / 5 for when it comes to the plot they are almost the same its only with the story that makes them a bit different to one another.