Tuesday, 28 June 2011

In this second edition of Pixars latest movie cars 2 is more focus on Mater not Lighting McQueen. The old fashion of Mater fooling around and being clumsy is is quiet funny, and because of this behavior he was mistaken for a spy by a agent that works for London Finn McMissile and Japan Holly Shiftwell. It all started when a American spy was being tracked down and have killed but was able to give Mater something important in which the whole thing started without knowing for the agent Holly, and fin that Mater isn't really a spy. The Irony is most of the time because of his clumsiness what save him on most cases he gets in trouble with Finns work. But for some parts of the scene shown in the film, I would say its not very appropriate for kids not everyone can watch and understand this because in some cases there are scene or part of the movie involve some dieing, being killed or left in injury, this is a big red flag for kids because its not really recommended for children 3+. Even if they say that they are just cars in this world or Cars 2, the cars are the humans.

The genre is for kids and up but because of not follow on what is rightfully appropriate for kids this left to a change in genre in supposed to be for all, became children 10+. This movie I would say with every good thing that came, there is also the bad thing that is to follow. 2.9 / 5

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mr Popper's Penguins

This children book came to becoming a movie really did turn out well its about a boy who only sees his dad a few times in a year sometimes he don't see him at all so thirty years have pass, so he became a salesman and has this odd behavior not to show what he truly feels in the client he is assigned to. He make deals to buy their property building and make something new out of it. He is a divorced man who has two Kids,

Then one day his father sent a will to him from his lawyer saying his dad is giving him a parting gift, the surprise is this gift is live penguins, so this is were the story start with the troubles and antics the penguin cause is really entertaining. The film is based  on a troubled dad who is looking a way to have his kids like him as any father will do in the real world. The essence of a family feel of the film really bring this movie to life and together. 4.7 / 5

Green Lantern (2011)

This movie is almost based to the comics itself only a few is originally plotted on the film which is good and all but what this film lacks all in all is the very essence of any action film there is, and its the fight scene. From the film its limit to a few scene most of the film is based in really great animation, love scene and some of Green Lantern history. As for the part two of the movie because of Senestro's curiosity he harness the power of the Yellow core so there might be a change to the part two there might be a war between the Green and Yellow core.

The Verdict is as follows, For the whole movie the film really does as I said earlier lacks action scene, mostly the entire film is based upon dialogs, animation and some love scene. This is good way to put some trill but the enjoyment for an hoping to have an epic ending is out of the question. 3.1 / 5

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Super 8

This movie of suspense, young love, mystery, drama, science fiction and military genre is what I call unique. Its about this group of kids who is trying to make a movie about zombies which they are trying to enter in there local town competition. To a surprise they got wrapped up into a problem in where they didn't meant to be involve. They accidentally saw something into which the military is trying to cover up in secrecy and now this "thing" as I would name it, is just trying to get a way home. But the military is presuming its a dangerous "thing" and also on the loose and must be terminated. At first they want to experiment on the thing but when it got out of proportion they decide to try and kill it instead. When you see the movie as a whole its very interesting, my favorite part is when the group of this young film maker got arrested by the military, the "thing" cough them by surprise in the bus they were on to were their way back to the military base. It was a suspense a little bit of blood and mystery all pack in this one scene. As for the tittle goes I think its about the video they use. Also its 8 milimeter lens. Because in the end credit lines they showed a mini clip that lasted around 12 to 15 mins. For the verdict Even though its very entertaining I would say the ending wasn't so epic as anyone would expect with a suspense genre but there is still a drama part in which the whole movie is focusing on 3.1 / 5. Also this movie isn't about the "Super 8 Motel" that exist in the real world.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

X-Men First Class

At first glance, we all know this will have an ending with a tragic or plenty of  horrible deaths. But thus so far as I watch the trailer and movie itself, it turns out to be a very decent and best far of the X-men Saga. This movie tells to the very first time on how did the humans came to discover the very existence of the mutants and the very first proto type of the huge Jet that the X-men use through out the movie series. Also some of the old gadget that the X-Men use through out the X-men movie series one of which is the cerebro. For my experience and seen in the film its filled with comedy, drama and action.especially at the very end it was amazing on how Magneto save the whole team from getting killed. Now the big question is, will this have a part two for the ending was still not clear on how will Magneto going to infuse a war against the humans and to how will Xavier expand the school and connecting this movie to the very first X-men movie last summer, July 13th of the year 2000. Overall its a movie that will tell everything to how the X-men began, and the Magneto's Faction and Xavier's school came to the way they are, and why did they have their beliefs of hating or coexisting with the humans. 4.5 / 5