Sunday, 11 September 2011


Its a movie that almost had a promising result, I was hoping for this movie to have a sense of a twisted plot or some kind of wired and unexpected or a climatic end. But to the fact that to no surprise to my point of view it was like watching a documentary film about to when they first discovered the epidemic S.A.R.S. or the first discovery dengue, so literary the film is just about an unknown disease to where this group of people steps in and tried to help find a vaccine or cure to fight the disease. In short its about a unknown virus that has no cure, then a group of scientist finds a cure to isolate and get rid of the virus for good. Even though they made the film categorized in the genre of drama the story is just the same to those documentary film on about to what to do to fight a unknown disease or an epidemic, so if your the type of person who watches documentaries or reads this kinds of epidemic outbreak you might find this movie a bit boring for your taste. Same as me to what I experience watching this film. There is just nothing new to see in the movie, like I said earlier its just like what you see in a documentaries film that is seen on TV, the differences is that this one is based with a story but the plot is just almost the same with some dramatic effects added to the movie to make it seem a bit sad. 2.1 / 5

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