Sunday, 31 July 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Its about this guy named Cal (Steve Carrel) who has a wife named Emily (Julianne Moore) wants to divorce him for because well, for his part Cal its complicated because he change to a sense he wasn't the man he used to be in short he came to be a lazy man. Also another reason her wife is sleeping with another man named David Lindhagen (Kevin Bacon). As for Cal the hired baby sitter for his kids Jessica (Analeigh Tipton) is in love with him and ironically Cal's son Robbie (Jonah Bobo) is in love with Jessica. In the middle of the story Cal meet a guy named Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who want to help him get his wife back. So he taught him how to pickup women, ironically one of the girl he pickup was actually his  son's English teacher named Kate(Marisa Tomei) you could say Marisa is a climax character because he was so surprised in the parent teacher conference with his wife Emily who had an awkward moment because Cal never called Kate again and got her so upset and Cal ended up to explain to Emily what happened at the time they separated which was a funny scene to watch. AS for Jacob, Cal didn't know in the past few days Jacob meet his eldest daughter Hannah (Emma Stone) who was enchanted by him but not that in a like, like way because Jacob is a playboy. Also she is thinking that one of her colleague named Richard (Josh Groban) was gonna propose to her because he is preparing for a celebration for her. But later she found out the whole celebration was just for making her a permanent lawyer in the company. So in the end she settle with her first man who approach her, Jacob. Well eventually the two became lovers. Crazy, stupid , and love, in this film theirs almost no main character for every one has a part to play and has they're own story background. In a little way makes the world much more smaller to live in for because we may not know it because the moral of the story is their might be a possibility someone you know you liked and she/he has a friend that knows you to but your other friend don't know that you know him/her. In a intimate way. Its like Steve loves Hallie, but she is in love with another man and this man is in love with another and so on... Overall this movie gets a 4.8/ 5 for this is a movie that almost has no main character. But you really want to have a main character I would say its has to be Cal for he has the one who has all the connection to everyone, kind of the main link to everyone I won't explain it more than this because explaining it will retell the whole thing all over again.

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