Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Change-Up

This Movie is about a responsible man married with three kids Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman) and a very carefree guy who has a lot of time in his hand Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynold). They are a very two different guy who have their totally different world who got switch and now have to adopt in their each other's environment and have to try and be who is the other guys life is. This movie is like the "Freaky Friday" movie, so in a sense its like a remake but with a different story line and in the end they both got switch back by solving their problems and have understand both their life is. So knowing both their lives isn't what they think to be like cloud 9 or heavenly roses as they think it to be. This is a R-rated movie so if your the type of person who can't and I mean really can't stand disgusting stuff or pron like scenes. I would recommend not to watch this film for there are a lot of them in the middle part, even in the beginning of the film. I would say its the best for Dave he just got baptise by his baby boy with poop.
The movie was great it was well made for a genre like R-rated film but to the fact that this kind of movie has been show by the passed years, with the story line like of got switch body and got changed back in the end. It felt like it was as I did mention earlier had been created before because for a comedy film like this, their isn't much twist of the story, or something new is about to happen because we all know in the end they will get their lives back. In this case their body. 2.8 / 5

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