Thursday, 18 August 2011

Nick(Jesse Eisenberg) is a very unlucky guy not only he got a very sick job of delivery boy but his girlfriend Kate(Dilshad Vadsaria) is also going away out of town for a job but also he end up being strapped in a bomb vest and he is forced to robbed a bank or he will be blown to bits by the guy who called him for pizza Dwayne(Danny McBride) with his best friend Travis(Nick Swardson). So the point in the movie if Nick don't robbed a bank he will be dead, so The ailed panicked Nick went to a elementary school where his best friend works named Chet(Aziz Ansari) For you would think he would just called but no, instead he went to go to Chet work in front of dozens of 7 year old to beg for his help. I normally say this is a very twisted movie but given the way the characters reason for doing this thing is understandable. Dwayne wants the money to kill his dad played by The Mayor(Fred Ward) so that he can have all  his inheritance from his father, well as for Nick we could say his just a victim of this winding wheel of bad luck in which happened by chance to him. Twisted plot and sick ending for you'll be really surprise for where all their troubles ended up. 3.6/ 5

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